David Herz for President
Because America is Already Great
The only liberal Republican Candidate


Steven C. Solomon

“David Herz is a plain spoken and principled man among a field of politicians less concerned about their ideals and original ideas than peddling pap for public approval and meal ticket on the public dime. He tells you what he thinks and he thinks deeply. He also possesses a deep heart.”

Massachusetts, July, 2013

Allison Duncan

“I have known David for almost 30 years. He has always represented himself honestly and been vigorously ethical. While we may not always agree with each other politically, I know that he will always listen, do his research, and make a considered opinion. Education and community are his passions and David’s international experience in law as well as education provide him with some good insights and ideas towards revitalizing our nation’s declining communities as well as our schools.”

Portland, Oregon